I worked on his puzzle for hours. It really was hard…

I have been without internet for a long time now but I finally have it back! I’ll be more active on here now!

I have been quite busy with cosplays recently. This is my latest.

Zilla and I thought it would be cool to have her as a guest artist! I think she really captures what this blog is (usually) about. The art and and answer were both thought up by Zilla. Thank you, Zilla!

vulpiximisa replied to your post: Updates on hold
Ooo, what con are you going to? 8)

Anime North! I wonder if any of my followers are going…

Updates on hold

I’m going to a con this weekend so I may not update for the next few days. I’ll start answering questions again after the con!

How did I not know of this?! I shall get started on cosplays immediately!

Not so good…

Her fashion sense is amazing! This dress certainly feels…. right.



This counts as one.